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Often described as a set of imaginary characters preferring to live their lonesome, quiet lives in corners and avoiding the center stage, Sumikko Gurashi, are the inspiration behind a brand of different stationeries going by the same name. In fact, the term sumikko gurashi in literal sense means life in the corner.  


These adorable Japanese characters are deemed to have beautiful inner qualities despite their presumably feigned negative attitudes, and hence their attributes are ascribed to stationeries and products that include ballpoint pens, paperclips, notebooks, pencil cases, scented erasers, note pads, and file folders among others. 


Kawaii Pen Shop’s Sumikko Gurashi products 


A premier online stationery store, Kawaii Pen Shop, specializes in supplying appealing stationeries, which are unique and still yet affordable. And Sumikko Gurashi products are some of those stocked by this online retailer. Among those supplied include Sumikko Gurashi sticky notes, Sumikko Gurashi spiral notebooks, Sumikko Gurashi sticker book packs, and Sumikko Gurashi paper clips.  


These products come incorporated with the different fictional Sumikko Gurashi characters namely Cat with Zassou, Lizard, Sleepy Polar Bear, Tonkatsu with Shrimp Tempura, Polar Bear with Furoshiki, Tonkatsu, the Shy Cat, Tapioca and a confused penguin lacking in confidence and unsure of his identity, who is called Sleepy Penguin, among other characters.  


Beautifully crafted paper clips 


Kawaii Pen Shop’s Kawaii Sumikko Gurashi paper clips are however a marvel. These beautifully crafted gadgets come in different sizes and colors, each integrated with any of the fantastic characters. The adorable paper clips made of metal and silicones are ideal for holding papers, documents, forms and notes. 


On purchase of these products, the processing time is usually between two and four business days, while free standard international shipping is provided for orders and purchases that exceed $35. 

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