Sumikko Gurashi - Sumikko Gurashi; Variety Offered At Kawaii Pen Shop

 Sumikko Gurashi is a set of Japanese fictional food and animal characters. For example, a penguin is unsure about its identity, a shy cat, and a polar bear who hates the cold. Then there is a greasy leftover Tonkatsu and Tapioca left behind from bubble tea and other characters. They are now the inspiration for plush toys, stationery items, kitchenware, and many other forms of merchandise. The cute characters make it visually appealing and a must-have for avid fans when added to the product design.

Kawaii houses a wide array of Sumikko Gurashi products. Let's look at them one by one.

Sumikko Gurashi stickers

The Sumikko Gurashi sticker book has 335 stickers in one book and makes for a great decoration for journals or notebooks. You can also get smaller packs in different designs.

Sumikko Gurashi paper clips

The Sumikko Gurashi cutest paper clips are the cutest paper clips you can find. They are made of metal and silicone and come in different designs according to the characters.

Sumikko Gurashi Notebooks

There are multiple varieties of the Sumikko Gurashi design notebooks. These include soft-covered as well as hard-covered spiraled notebooks. You may also find illustrations in a few designs. The different-sized notebooks can be used for different purposes and make for great gift items too. For example, the Sumikko Gurashi squishy notebook has soft 3D characters on the cover. In addition, it has lined, grid, and blank pages as well as free memo pages.

Sumikko Gurashi ballpoint pens

The Sumikko Gurashi ballpoint pens make for great writing. The oil-based ink in most of the variety is perfect for smooth and waterproof writing. In addition, some of the pens have a soft rubber grip for a comfortable hold. The beautiful designs make these pens a must-have.

Sumikko Gurashi gel pens

The limited Sumikko Gurashi series of Pentel Energel consists of two gel pens and two mechanical pencils. The series is designed attractively with a print of Sumikko Gurasohi on the pen's barrel. The ink color is black, while the pencils have a pink or white exterior, and the pens have a coral red or blue exterior.

Other accessories

The list doesn't end here. You will find Sumikko Gurashi covers, clear folders, pouches, erasers, sticky notes, highlighters, pencil cases, and, glues among many others. You will be spoiled for choices and will have difficulty choosing just one.

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