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Sumikko Gurashi are some fictional characters introduced by the San-X stationery company. Sumikko Gurashi means "life in the corner." The main characters of Sumikko Gurashi are a polar bear, a penguin, a piece of pork cutlet, a dinosaur, a lizard, and a polka dot cloth, among others. The San-X introduced the first product related to Sumikko Gurashi in 2012. Now, these cute characters are available as notebooks, stickers, pens, paper clips, and more.   

Sumikko Gurashi paper clips are cute little paper clips with an approximate size of 6.2 cm x 2.6 cm. They are made of durable metal and silicone. There are different types of Sumikko Gurashi paper clips available, including a cat with zassou, tonkatsu with shrimp tempura, sleepy cat, penguin, tapioca, a polar bear with furoshiki, tonkatsu, lizard, sleepy penguin, and sleepy polar bear.   

These paper clips are quite affordable and cost up to $3 each. Sumikko Gurashi paper clips are the perfect gift for graduation, back-to-school, or for any bookworm or student. You can use these little gadgets as a bookmark or to hold several papers together. These paper clips are made of superior quality material, which is non-toxic, child-safe, won't fade, and lightweight but strong and durable. 

Sumikko Gurashi paper clips are cute, fun, colorful, and can hold a lot of paper. These papers clips are easier to put on a stack of paper compared to the traditional paper clips. Plus, unlike traditional and boring paper clips, these ones don't get tangled easily, but if they do, they are much faster and easier to get untangled. For stationery enthusiasts, these cute and sturdy paper clips are a must-have. In addition, these metal fasteners make opening a homework binder a little bit more exciting. 

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